H2020-IND-CE-2016-17 (Industry 2020 in the Circular Economy)

Activating Circular Services in the Electric and Electronic Sector

Particula group is proud to announce the participation in HORIZON 2020 Activating Circular Services in the Electric and Electronic Sector (C-SERVEES) project. The duration of the project is 48 months and will be divided into two stages. C-SERVEES (proposal acronym) is aimed at boosting a resource-efficient circular economy in electrical and electronic sector through the implementation, testing, validation and transfer of new circular economic business models focused on systemic ecoinnovative services beyond product manufacturing, ownership and disposal. The project will focus on maximizing the resource efficiency in EEE by acting in the design, manufacturing, use and EoL to use products longer and in multiple cycles. C-SERVEES consortium being composed of large manufacturers, SMEs, WEEE managers (re-use and recycling companies), researchers and sectorial organisations, while relevant stakeholders will be engaged across the project, including end-users and policy makers. The participating eleven countries are Spain, UK, Austria, Netherlands, Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Romania and France.

Particula group’s (SME) main task on the project is the development of services based on 3D printing technology. Particula Group Company was founded in 2014 and since its inception its primary role is efficiency in helping to assess, to initiate and enrich the growing opportunities offered by the numerous technological innovations, to process and product companies, institutions, universities and research institutions. Our company wants to imprint change in industrial manufacturing through 3D printing.

We believe that 3D printing will change the paradigm of mass-production, bringing it closer to the individual consumer, in such a way as to take us into a more leisure-oriented society.

Total requested EU contribution for the proposal/ € 6 500 000.