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Particula Group is a research and technology company dedicated to development of Circular bioeconomy solutions. The company specializes in integration of sustainable technological innovations into the business models and manufacturing process with the goal to develop high end products with positive environmental impact.

We work on both research and development projects to develop our own product lines to design innovative products.

Our key sustainability focus areas are sustainable biomass cultivation process, state of the art proprietary technology and cutting-edge circular bio based products.

Particula Group is a member of the NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform.

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We cooperate with the top global research and industry organisations along the circular bioeconomy value chain with the goal to develop environmentally responsible solution and increase competitiveness in key focus areas.


We operate several techniques in our site under a semi-batch continuous model in an open and closed processes on our algae pilot facility. Our self-developed  developed photobioreactors (PBRs) consume up to five times less energy than other PBRs and result in significantly lower production costs. The tecnology is operated remotely from our laboratory using IoT based monitoring and controle system

Fields of application:

  • Algae-based Bio-plastics and Bio-fertilizers
  • Algae-based CO2 Capture
  • Algae-based Wastewater Treatment
  • Algae-based Food & Feed


We print solid 3D objects using a digital file for all of our customers who look forward to have hight quality prototype. Having the technology to support our additive process, our IT experts render their service and are skilled aat developing 3d models.


We are focused on production of sustainable products via bio-refinery technology from microalgae and other aquatic biomass.


Our food grade Haematococcus Pluvilais and Chlorella Vulgaris are grown via state-of-the-art closed system greenhouse technology resulting in low production costs. Our technology is based on low cost airlift continous system and production of fresh algae biomass and pastes. The biomass is used in cosmetics industry as bioactive compound and in food industry as plant based food supplement.


Our Chlorella Vulgais and Scenedesmus Dimorphus algae cultivated in waste water are used in different sectors;  bio-plastics fillers and resins, bio-fertilizers and soil amendments. Additional research is being being done in CO2 sequestration and waste water treatment. Use of tertairy  waste water for algae growth significantly lowers capital and operational costs and therefore results in low biomass price which is competitive to fossil based products.

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Particula group is developing and implementing circular economy strategies and analysing environment impact of new sustainable business solutions.


Our qualified team provides consulting services for research and development (R&D) in terms of providing strategic support to companies, practical advice and persistent action plans for the development of new products (goods and services), technology and business processes through innovation development and empowering enterprise capacity.


Our life cycle analyses of products are carefully examined to assess and realize the environmental impacts they may carry. All the stages of the product’s life are thoroughly checked, and if any discrepancy is found, it is immediately amended. Every process brings a certain value to the final product and has a certain role to play. We take into account all these relevant impacts, so we can reduce the emission of harmful impacts on the environment. Being fully committed to a sustainable business approach that is primarily aimed at achieving human needs while maintaining the environment preservation, particular attention is given to the relationship towards natural resources as well as to the sustainability of production to provide development potential for future generations.


Particula Group supports innovation projects from the preparation phase and application process beyond their preparation phase into execution through expert project management and coordination services. While you focus on successfully running your business, we’ll promote your undertaking to the public and important stakeholders as well as offer technology feasibility and business growth services to help keep your project on track.




Ready to live in a circular world? We want to help achieve a better and more sustainable future for all! This is our contribution towards the transition to a circular economy.


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